Wills & Probate

One of my goals as a practicing attorney has always been to provide reasonably priced estate planning services. These services include preparing such documents for clients as their Will, Financial Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney ("Living Will"). While it is easy to procrastinate on preparing for the future for you and your family, it is extremely important to do so. We try to make that process as straightforward and convenient as possible.  A few hours spent dealing with your estate planning today can avoid future legal battles between family members which can be ugly and expensive. 

Probate is the process of validating the will, paying off any debts and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries. Unlike in some states, probating a Will in Georgia is usually not an overly complicated process, but hiring legal representation is generally very helpful and recommended by probate courts.

If you are needing to probate the Will of a deceased family member, we will be glad to provide you with an estimate of the fees and expenses associated with that process. Likewise, if your family member died without a Will, we can provide you with an estimate of the costs associated with filing a Petition for Letters of Administration so that you can carry out the duties as an Administrator. As a surviving spouse in Georgia, you may also be entitled to certain benefits under an action for Year's Support. 

Probate Disputes

As an experienced litigator, I can assist you with a probate dispute or contested will case.  I have represented many individuals in these type of matters during my years of practicing law.